Since 2012, our goal has been to build cost-effective, competitive vehicles for participation in annual SAE events. In addition, we strive to teach practical problem solving engineering skills with every meeting. 

what is baja sae

        The Baja SAE series competitions are inter-collegiate events that requires teams to design, manufacture, and race off-road vehicles. The Society of Automotive Engineers sponsors three annual events across the United States, each featuring 100+ international colleges. Events feature various static and dynamic events that test the teams' ability to produce a product that balances cost and performance, all while adhering to a strict set of guidelines.

about us

        The Boston University Baja SAE team was reformed in 2012, after several years of dormancy. In May 2015, the resurrected team participated in its first competition in Portland, Oregon, placing 51st out of 100 and completely shattering any and all expectations. With 12 returning members and one year of valuable experience under their belts, the team competed at the event in Rochester, New York, in June 2016, placing 60th overall. In May 2017, BU Baja competed in Pittsburg, Kansas and finished 70th out of 107 teams.

What We've Achieved

  • Baja SAE Kansas 2017 (107 teams)- 2017 The Green Monster

    • 70th place - Overall

    • 54th place- Endurance Race

  • Baja SAE Rochester 2016 (98 teams) - 2016 The WIP

    • 60th place - Overall

    • 46th place - Endurance Race

  • Baja SAE Oregon 2015 (87 teams) - 2015 Hellhound

    • 51st place - Overall

    • 41st place - Endurance race

Photography by Juha Turalba and Sabrina Angelides